This year has been a blast! I feel so lucky that every day I get work with such a friendly, respectful and genuinely kind group of kids. There have been so many memorable moments, breakthroughs and successes, and I hope that I am correct in believing that that every member of Star 19 is ending 2017 more resilient and confident than that first day of the school year back in January.

Thank you so much for the support you have given your child, myself, and the class throughout the year. Every effort from you is greatly appreciated!

Another warm thank you for all of the cards, gifts, candy canes, chocolates and kind words over the past week. I have been overwhelmed with your generosity and thoughtfulness! Now I just need to exercise all of my will power to resist eating everything until after the wedding…

I hope you all have a safe and happy holidays! I look forward to seeing you around the school in 2018.



P.S. 2.10pm pick up!

Week 9 wrap up

Hi everyone,

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, with cleaning, organising, timetable changes and classroom moves – but we’re almost there!

Our last bit of maths learning has been on angles. The students were challenged to design a snowflake or marble maze which has acute, obtuse and right angles. On Tuesday we got into the making phase using hot glue guns (I only got burnt once!) and the final products were very impressive.

Our shared lunch was a great chance to celebrate together. Thank you to everyone who brought food for the event. No one left hungry, that’s for sure. If you are missing a container or plate, there are some on tables in the Upper Mortlock corridor.

Yesterday we also had Kathy come in to run her first ever kid’s yoga class (I knew the best place to start would be in Star 19!). She was very impressed with the yogis, and they seemed to really enjoy the session. It was a lovely way to end a hectic day.

On another note, I have had many reports of misplaced hats and jumpers. Lost property is actually looking quite bare, so another explanation is that perhaps people have been taking home the wrong items by accident. Please make the time to check your child’s things, and if you find something that doesn’t belong send it back to school with them. Hopefully this may recover some of the missing items!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the next post, where I will probably need tissues by my side as I write about how much I’ll miss working with this amazing group of kids every day…

Miss Chambers

End of year celebration

Just a reminder that we will have our shared lunch with rooms 17 & 18 tomorrow. Boys are encouraged to bring a small savoury plate, and something sweet from the girls. If you are bringing food that may contain allergens (egg, nuts, dairy, wheat) please include a small label on the plate.

I also have someone coming in to run a yoga session after lunch, so hopefully everyone will be feeling very zen and peaceful by home time.


Miss Chambers

School Concert Day!

It’s finally here!

It seems like CLG tradition to have rain on the day, but with a bit of luck we will have clear skies by this afternoon.

Please listen out for the siren at 6.15pm. This is when your child must come to Room 19 so that I can go over some details and give a last minute pep-talk.

Our meeting place for after the concert is the Western end of the Mortlock building. From here you can sign your child out and then take them home. If a child is not signed out we have to act in the case of a “missing” child (police, stress, etc), but I’m sure you’ll do all you can to help the night run smoothly.

See you tonight!

End of year information

Hi everyone,

I have attached an information sheet (which has also been sent home) which has important information regarding the school concert. Please read through this and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. The students will meet in the classroom at 6.15pm, then we will make our way to the designated area ready for the 6.30pm start.

EOY Concert 2017 – General note-1d2n88e

To celebrate our year of shared learning, Rooms 17, 18 and 19 will be having a shared lunch. This will be held on Wednesday 13th, from 12.00-1.00pm. We ask that each student brings a small plate of food to share (boys: savoury, girls: sweet). We will not be able to heat up food, so please take this into consideration when planning.



Solar ovens

For me, this project has been one of the highlights of the year! The idea was sparked when I knocked back talk of cooking s’mores on a bonfire at camp. Being close to summer (and a stressful situation for the adults) we had decided to forgo the bonfire option at Narnu. So I posed the question “how can we cook s’mores without a fire?”. From here we learnt all about heat transfer; conduction, convection and radiation, and applied this to making a solar oven that would maximise the heat from the sun to cook s’mores. The students went through many phases of designing and modifying their solar ovens, and by the time it came to making the oven, everyone had a really clear vision of what their solar oven would look like. While we didn’t get to use the oven at camp, it was a great success and deliciously fun. Here are some photos!

Term 4 organisation

Hi everyone,

A note went home last week regarding the school concert item for Room 19 & 16. Just in case it didn’t make it home, I thought I’d paraphrase it:

Our item will be “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake. As this featured in the movie “Trolls” we have decided the best way to dress up is by wearing brightly coloured clothing, wigs, hair colouring and even face painting (if you’re up for it!). If you’re stuck for ideas, you can watch this for inspiration.

Also, we are about to get started with our solar ovens. If your child starts scavenging around the place for conductors, insulators and reflectors, this is why! I will provide alfoil, some cardboard, and the food items.

I look forward to being able to share some of the photos from our baking session!

Kind regards,

Some photos from Narnu

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so here’s an essay from our time at Narnu Farm. It was a great experience, and everyone had a ball! Thank you so much to the parents that volunteered their time (and missed out on some sleep) to make the whole camp run so smoothly. Also, thank you to the parents that offered to help – I hope you can join in next time!

Opportunities like this are invaluable. Although I’m still recovering myself, camps and excursions are undoubtedly worth all of the effort that goes into it! I hope you’ve had great feedback and heard some stories of all the exciting things we experienced.

Week 3 update

Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe we are almost a third of the way through term 4! There is a lot of excitement for camp next week, so things still feel a little unsettled. However, we have been getting through some great work with data, graphs, heat transfer and how to be a great friend (I hope you’ve been getting some compliments at home!).

With Friday being a pupil free day, tomorrow is the last chance to bring back notes regarding medications, and address any questions or concerns face-to-face. Of course, you are welcome to email me!

Happy packing over the weekend- be sure to tick things off the checklist as you go.

Miss Chambers