Term overview


I am finally updating you on Star 19’s overview from the term: TERM 2 OVERVIEW-1nlp2l8

Now that NAPLAN is well and truly over, we are getting stuck into our learning. Hopefully you have had a bit of feedback already about some of the exciting things coming up, which connect with our learning:

  • Sciworld incursion (science)
  • Celebration expo (HASS)
  • Non-stop 60 second challenge (maths and design and technology)

Thank you to those that have already paid for the incursion, and to anyone who has allowed their child to bring in some resources for design and technology.

An insight into the beginnings of the 60 second challenge

We also have two new students in our class this term. It has been so lovely to see how welcoming and accepting everyone has been. I hope they are feeling comfortable and settled!

All the best for the rest of the week ahead.


Miss Chambers

Enterprise Day photos

Hello again!

Below is a bit of a collection of the photos from Entrprise Day. Next year I might have to employ a photographer!

I know it’s belated, but I want to extend such a big thank you to the parents that helped out by donating supplies, helping the children prepare, supervising and assisting in the running of the stalls, and for attending on the day to see it all come together.

I had not experienced anything like Enterprise Day before, and it was wonderful to see everyone getting involved and having a wonderful time. Now that I’ve done it once, I look forward to doing it again!

I was skeptical about some of the ideas put forward, thanks to their teamwork and perseverance they managed three successful stalls and raised almost $450 for the school. A great achievement!

Well done to everyone in Star19!

The week ahead

Hello everyone,

I hope the children are feeling alright after settling back into their school routines. While a little excitable, they have been great at quickly switching back from holiday mode. It’s wonderful having them in the classroom with me again!

Just a quick update on this week’s happenings.

Tuesday the children will sit two tests for NAPLAN. The first is Language Conventions, and the second is Writing, Wednesday will be Reading, and Thursday is Numeracy.

Please ensure your child is at school by 8.50 each day so that we can all get organised and have time to settle in before the test time begins.

This Friday our class is hosting the year 3-7 assembly. We have children presenting various items to show their understanding of “Organised”, which is the theme for the fortnight. I hope they are all helping you by organising themselves at home! The assembly will be in Langley Hall and begins at 12.15. It would be great if you can make it!

I will be sending a more detailed overview of the term next week, and I promise to finally send out some of the Enterprise Day photos!

Stay tuned,


Enterprise day and Hair Styling permissions

Hi all,

I wanted to extend a big thank you to all of the families that have provided us with hair accessories, boxes, origami paper, Nerf bullets, and everything else that will help the kids to have a successful day tomorrow!

I am also so appreciative for the helping hands we had last week, and the parents who will be around to help with the stalls.

After all of the mahem of the past few days I realised that the permissions for hairstyling didn’t actually go home to our own class! If your child would like to have their hair styled using coloured spray, hair spray or gel please comment, email or send a note with your child tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to writing the next blog, which will be full of all of the photos from our day!

Thanks again!

Miss Chambers

Calling all helpers!

Hi everyone!

Enterprise day is fast approaching (only 9 more sleeps) and we have plenty to get through. This is a call for any items or minutes that you can spare to help the day run smoothly and be as successful as it can be.

Before we can open our stalls we need to collect:

  • origami paper
  • small (shoe size) boxes
  • hair ties
  • bobby pins
  • hair spray
  • coloured hair spray
  • hair gel
  • combs
  • rubber gloves
  • Nerf guns
  • Nerf bullets
  • large cardboard boxes
  • sheets, tablecloths or large pieces of material

To prepare for the day we need some help to:

  • Film our advertisements
  • Take photos for signs
  • Paint boxes for the Nerf Battle
  • Create decorations for the stalls
  • Perfect techniques for hair styles
  • Make origami
  • Organise rosters for the day

On the day we need some help to:

  • Style hair (braids, pigtails, mohawks, coloured spray etc)
  • Supervise the Hair styling stall
  • Supervise the Nerf stall
  • Supervise the Origami stall

Providing we can collect everything we need, we will be using class time on Wednesday and Thursday from 1.50-3.10 to prepare for Enterprise Day.

Thank you to those who have already sent items in with their child, and thanks in advance to any more help we can get!

Miss Chambers

Enterprise Day planning

Hi everyone,

Believe it or not, we have just finished Week 7 of Term 1. As Enterprise Day is in Week 11, this means we have less than 4 weeks to get ourselves organised!

We have been having many conversations about what stalls to have, what will work and what won’t. So far, we have decided on 3 stalls. I would love to be able to have them all, but a lot depends on the permissions and support we have from you.

Enterprise Day is all about encouraging the children to work as a team to plan, organise, and run a stall to raise money for the school. In the lead up to the event my purpose is to provide the children with the knowledge and skills they will need to successfully run their stall. I am a facilitator, rather than a leader, so that the children have ownership over their stalls.

We have found out that the money raised from Enterprise Day will go towards re-purposing an old building from a storage area to a learning space for cooking, science experiments and hands-on learning activities. As a lover of cooking and learning through doing, this news is very exciting to me!

Our stall ideas are as follows, plus a list of items needed for the stall that the students have come up with:
1. A hair station that offers coloured spray and hair styling for boys and girls. (coloured hair spray, towels, hair ties, hair nets, bows, gloves, hair spray)
2. An origami stall, where customers will be able to buy origami made by the students (coloured paper, baskets/buckets to store origami)
3. A Nerf Battle stall, with boxes for cover and props for protection (Nerf guns, bullets, boxes, cardboard) While this stall sounds like it could be lots of fun, I must be clear that I can not guarantee that each gun will make it back home in the same state, and there is a chance that children will leave with less bullets than they came with.

Your child will be able to let you know which stall they would like to organise, and it is crucial that you communicate any concerns or reservations that you may have about their chosen stall, so that we can work through them as a team.

If you have skills in any of the areas, or are willing to lend a hand in making these stalls the best that they can be, this will be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts, ideas and feedback!

Miss Chambers

A long post before a long weekend

Hi everyone!

The past few weeks have gone by in a bit of a blur. There’s been lots happening!


The paper chains are now up and all around our classroom. We had the idea to see how many laps around the room they would go, but after one trip around with the ladder I made the executive decision to keep the decorations to the back of the room.

It’s nice to have a bit more colour in the room, and I’m also overcoming my aversion to heights!


Thanks to the persuasive words and visuals provided by Star 19 (combined with Rooms 17 & 18), we had a very successful Clean Up Schools Day. Last Friday the whole school took time out of their days to clean up an area of the yard, and it made a significant difference!

It was wonderful to hear the children talk about their efforts, the changes they made and the ideas they have to help our school to be litter-free in the future.

Next time you’re in the front office, check out our display of all the hard work put in by your stars.

We are beginning to pull apart numbers in maths. This way we can see the different ways numbers can be made, and broken up. It is so important to understand that numbers are not one fixed whole. Understanding that numbers can be rearranged and regrouped numbers is crucial for efficient strategies in addition and subtraction.

In  short lesson we played around with the number 63. We used MAB tens and ones to make different shapes that have the same value. Next week we will move into the hundreds!


In science we have been classifying animals based on their features. We used something called a branching key to help decide which group each animal belonged to. At the end of one of our lessons I showed the class a game which uses a similar method and key. A few of the children asked me for the link, so here it is: Deadly 60 Variation Game. Please note, I used this on the computer, so I’m not sure if it’s mobile device friendly.


During a break we had a suggestion to watch a domino clip on YouTube. It’s amazing to see how much time and effort goes into setting everything up, and knocking it down with such precision. It reminded one child of the following music clip, which has the same element of cause and effect.

This too shall pass – Cause and effect

The band OK Go are known for their skilfully choreographed music videos. Here are two more:

The one moment – A new video to me

Here it goes again – The first clip I saw. They’ve come a long way since this!

Phew! I hope you enjoyed the update.
Have a safe and relaxing long weekend!

Miss Chambers

All chained up

We’ve had lots of fun in maths this week making paper chains. The children worked in pairs and were challenged to make the longest paper chain they could using only two pieces of A4 paper. There were lots of different strategies used and great teamwork between the partners. After 20 minutes we took all the chains to the floor and compared them. It was easy to see which was the longest!

The next day we tried the challenge again. Everyone reconsidered their strategy and there were some great conversations about how and why their new techniques would be better than last time. When we compared the chains they were a lot closer in length, and took up a lot more room!

In our next maths lesson we will attempt to measure the chains, which may be a challenge in itself. I wonder which group has the greatest difference between their two chains…


Welcome to Star 19!

Welcome to the class blog for Star 19 (also known as Room 19).

Through this blog I can keep you updated with what we do in class, post photos of our learning and send any reminder notices. Please check this blog regularly to ensure you don’t miss any updates.

We had a great first week here at Colonel Light Gardens. All of the children were excited to be switching on their brains, getting back into routines and of course, catching up with friends after the holidays.

In Week 1 we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. The children worked on activities that allowed them to focus on themselves, and what makes them who they are. They also began thinking of ways they can find out information about other people. To do this they created surveys for the class and all participated in answering the surveys.

Week 2 saw the children get stuck into their books and tune into their learning. It is wonderful to see the cooperation and team work between everyone through the activities, as collaboration is an integral part of learning and something we will continue to build on.

Please let me take this opportunity to also thank you all for being so welcoming. It is very exciting to know that there is such a strong community spirit at the school, and I look forward to getting to know you all through the year.

Miss Chambers